IT and Me

Improvements in information technology has become so fast paced that sometimes one could no longer keep up. Almost everything we do can be achieved within an instant. Thus, there times that I would imagine, what would life be if things were the same as it was 15 years ago?


Does IT Matter?

Indeed the saying “The more you know, the more you know less” is true. In our course Management Information Systems (MIS), I learned of many concepts about information technology and it’s applications in daily life, but there’s still more for me to discover.   Before my understanding of IT was limited, I thought it only … Continue reading Does IT Matter?

Knowledge Mangement

“Knowledge is power, but knowledge sharing is empowerment” This line reminds me of the Bridging Leadership Framework that we impart with the participants in one of our projects. The framework consists of three parts: ownership, co-ownership and co-creation. Under the context of leadership and governance, in a nutshell, ownership meant that a leader must be … Continue reading Knowledge Mangement

Business Intelligence (BI) utilization in organizations

Business Intelligence (BI) includes a wide range of applications, practices and technologies for extraction, translation, integration, analysis and presentation of data to support improved decision-making [2]. Being able to utilize data on hand offers a wide range of possibilities for organizations. Decision making by employees are no longer based on gut feeling but on facts. … Continue reading Business Intelligence (BI) utilization in organizations

With just one click, you’ll have it! The pro’s and con’s of online shopping

  This blog topic pretty challenging because I’ve never tried online shopping. I always have these apprehensions that I might be disappointed with the actual items that I bought online. However, several times I find myself “window shopping” or rather “web shopping” for random items from the various online stores available. In the article “Shopping Online: … Continue reading With just one click, you’ll have it! The pro’s and con’s of online shopping

Opportunities from Wireless Network Technologies

“Motto for the 21st century: Network or Die” –Steve Hamm, In BusinessWeek’s Information Technology’s section Well not exactly die, but we must admit that we have become totally dependent in wireless network technologies. From the simplest tasks to the complicated ones we utilize it. The most concrete example is the use of cellular phones. In … Continue reading Opportunities from Wireless Network Technologies

IT Security Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an arrangement in which one company contracts with another organization to provide services that could be provided by company employee (Reynolds, G. (2009). Information Technology for Managers, 5th Edition). It takes many forms and information technology outsourcing is no exception.   Outsourcing has become one of management strategies utilized by companies. According to … Continue reading IT Security Outsourcing